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Took this Sunday to fill the site with the simracing projects and tools I’ve created. Most of them were designed to work with iRacing, since it’s my sim of choice, but you should be able to port it to other sims fairly easy. Right now I’ve added the following content, that you can find at the menu on the right:


  • iRacing Force FeedBack Clipping Tool
    • Detects FFB clipping in real time, calculates an optimal strength multiplier and generates torque charts to help you detect force feedback clipping
  • iRacing iAlert
    • Gadget to remind you when an online session is about to start in
  • iPhone Gauges
    • Use your iPhone or Android phone to display RPM, speed and fuel gauges
  • iRacing LiveTiming
    • Show live race/qualify/practice standings on your website


  • DIY Dashboard
    • A do-it-yourself physical dashboard using an Arduino board that has shift lights, gear indicator, switches, warning lights and rotary encoders
  • DIY Wind simulator
    • Using an Arduino to control a fan based on your current car speed


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