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iRacing iAlert

iAlert is an reminder gadget for your online sessions in iRacing. It will get information from the session you registered and display an alert when it’s about to start. I did this because I lost count of how much events I forgot to join simply because I wasn’t paying attention to the clock. You can see the screenshot of the main window below:

iAlert - Main Window

iAlert - Main Window

And this is the alert message you’ll receive. You can configure when this message will appear and it will also play a sound, so if you are away from the PC there’s a chance you will listen to it.

iAlert - Alert Popup

iAlert - Alert Popup

As iRacing doesn’t offer a web API yet and to access the race panel data you need to request the home page while logged in, there’s no other alternative than requesting that info from the user. iAlert will not modify, redistribute or use your information for purposes other than downloading your race panel data.
If you don’t feel like entering your account, you can leave the fields blank and download the required files from your browser yourself by clicking the window title and following the steps that are shown.

It’s coded in VB6, so you need the VB6 runtime files. They are included in the rar, but they need to be registered into the system. If you launch iAlert and it shows an error about DLL or OCX, run “register components.bat” as administrator to register the libraries into the system.

This tool is distributed as “donationware”. If you find them useful, please consider doing a small donation.

DOWNLOAD (v 1.06):

  • 3 responses to "iRacing iAlert"

  • Kurt
    12:32 on November 17th, 2011


    did what you said and I still missed the race ehehehehehe LOL…

    no reminder or anything…

    Never mind. Not a big deal. I don’t miss many races anyway. Cool idea and I am sure that it works just not on my chine – probably something I’ve done – or not done

  • Kurt
    22:04 on November 15th, 2011


    this is a sweet looking piece of functionality. Nice. The only problem is I can’t get it to alert me!! LOL

    Anyway, I load it up and then I select a race I plan to enter on the dashboard of iracing os it is in my planner and I download the data using iAlert but it does not remind me? any ideas?

    • fergo
      22:23 on November 15th, 2011


      It doesn’t work with the Race Planner on the iRacing dashboard. iAlert works after you register for a session, when you get the timer until you are able to join.

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